Howdy Doody

(Collin 2018)

I was about ten years old when my life changed forever. One summer day during our Christmas holidays, my family and I were leaving our local cinema when my parents were shot in an alley by a film director named Joe Chill, leading me on a path of vengeance, as I trained myself to become the most formidable film critic in the world to bite back at directors globally… yep. So, at what point of that did it become unbelievable to you? It was the part when I said I was ten right? Yeah, because, Bruce Wayne was about eight years old in the original story. Anyway, enough of all that, truth of the matter is that one day in the summer about a decade ago now, I was leaving my local cinema with my family when one of the theatre’s employees offered to show me the projector room above the cinema. Now, my memory may be foggy, but I remember how magical that experience was to me. The cinema employee may as well have worn an eye-patch and told me I was “apart of a bigger universe” and then revealed to me the truth behind the Matrix. It was that day that I realised movies were not just fun two hour videos but art at the highest of forms.

Welcome to Reviewers of the Lost Art; a whip-cracking crusade into the lost art of filmmaking! Now I won’t get too much into who I am or how this page functions, since you can find that information in the ‘About’ and ‘Rating System’ section, but I did want to write a welcome letter to get things iddily-diddly started.

So why a blog about film? I know there is so many of them already, but everyone has to be passionate about something and I’m just one of those hipster nerds who cannot stop talking about movies. If you know me personally, everything that comes out of my mouth is a film reference, my room may as well be The Criterion Collection main office and every week I manage to find time to visit the cinema to see a new release. So when I noticed people were seemingly getting sick of me analysing and explaining why Eyes Wide Shut is Stanley Kubrick’s most fascinating film, I decided to write about my love of films to the Internet instead – because when does the internet not listen? And in December of 2015, coinciding with the release of Star Wars: The Force Awakens, I started a Facebook page. The page would feature weekly reviews of new releases with occasional Top 8’s, analysis write ups and ‘Old School’ reviews. And for about three years I have kept at my writing, but the truth is Facebook is limited and for ages I’ve been meaning to actually make a blog instead. Starting uni recently led me to finally undertake development of a blog and keeping to my Indiana Jones theme, with effort going into an Instagram and Twitter account, here we finally are. My first blog!

I deeply look forward to continuing with this venture. A medium allowing me to just sit and comfortably converse about film is like a dream. Reviewers of the Lost Art is for people everywhere who love the movie’s as much as me to come and indulge in their obsession. And who knows where this will all go; I mean, to tell you the truth, kicking back at Cannes Film Festival is, as Doctor Strange, would say, my endgame. If I’m not mistaken, Indiana Jones has not yet been to Cannes and I say, let’s get him there together people!

And it all starts tonight with my review of Mission: Impossible – Fallout! I am so excited to share my thoughts on that one – so dang excited it hurts (like Tom Cruise’s ankle when jumping rooftop to rooftop).

So stay tuned and again, welcome! You can also find me at my Facebook page, Reviewers of the Lost Art, my Instagram page, reviewersofthelostart and my Twitter page, reviewerlostart.

Its true too, you know, that filmmaking is dream making; I am living in a dream, right now.


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