REVIEW: The Breaker Upperers

There’s a way to break up with a person and a way to break up with a person. At least this way is fun…

The Breaker Upperers follows two women who essentially run an agency where they are hired to seperate couples using new and inventive strategies each time.

Written, directed and starred in by Madeleine Sami and Jackie van Beek, this kiwi comedy in the vein of Taika Waititi’s Hunt For The Wilderpeople and What We Do In The Shadows, hits on some hilarious material whilst also telling a deeper, personal story on friendship.

Seemingly flying under the radar of most audiences, this quirky little comedy works extremely well for the tones it tries hitting and the vibes it tries absorbing. Truely harnessing the flavour of a Waititi film, The Breaker Upperers provides a platform for Sami and Beek to shine as newly recognised filmmakers in this ever morphing landscape for comedy writers, directors and performers.

The Breaker Upperers manages to be a more memorable comedic experience as opposed to most of the mainstream American comedies that are vomited out from Hollywood. Although I would not say The Breaker Upperers is hilarious by any stretch and that all the jokes land, but when the humour does work in this film – it works big time! And a strong amount of said comedy is due to the unwavering performances of the film’s cast.

With particular praise aimed towards a gang of female thugs, Sami and Beek direct their actors so well that sometimes the supporting cast will outshine the leads. Though not to say much against Sami and Beek, for these women really kick butt with their distinct style of world-building and writing. Not only that, but on the screen, together, Sami and Beek’s chemistry is so powerfully evident, not a scene goes by without the two convincing audiences they could be sisters.

(Navascues 2018)

Despite the cinematography really getting imaginative at points, the editing for The Breaker Upperers can seem rather jarring at times. Not every shot links in with the last therefore creating scenes that appear slightly inconsistent. Also the overall story of the film is quite simplistic and predictable, which is disappointing due to the more creative premise at play. The Breaker Upperers, more-or-less, offered more than it ended up delivering.

So maybe not as polished as a Waititi film but still a massive score for New Zealand in comedy; The Breaker Upperers is undoubtedly a funny watch worth a night out, but maybe not on a date… ha ha ha.

The Breaker Upperers is a bloody… CRUSADE!!


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