RANKED: August Releases of 2018 (Recap)

(Malkin 2018)

It would seem the month of August has finally ended and amidst gun-toting puppets, gigantic sharks and undying Tom Cruises, I would say we have had a rather intriguing month of cinema. Definitely not perfect, nor terrible, August may have been ripe with films falling under the ‘Lost Art’ banner, but at the end of the day, all great things come with a price. Here is a quick recap of the month of August in cinema! Now you can wake me up when September ends…

#9 Slender Man [Theatre of DOOM]

A horrifyingly boring adaptation of an out-of-date urban legend that may offer some chilling visuals but ultimately lacks originality or effective scares due to dull characters and an uninspired story.

#8 The Happytime Murders [Kingdom of the Criminally Dull…]

A largely wasted opportunity of a comedy that sparks the occasional funny moment with glimpses of some interesting concepts, but misses out on uniqueness and stumbles in its creativity.

#7 Book Club [Kingdom of the Criminally Dull…]

A cute little flick devoid of any real character or coherent storytelling which, despite the charm of its cast, offers a rather ordinary romcom that is harmless at best and bland at worst.

#6 The Spy Who Dumped Me [Kingdom of the Criminally Dull…]

A serviceable comedy that begins rather strong with good laughs and action, but fizzles out quickly, losing steam and devolving into underwhelming and cliche territory – savour for a standout comedic performance from Kate McKinnon.

#5 The Meg [A CRUSADE!!]

A ridiculously entertaining addition to the shark movie pantheon with appropriately escalating lunacy that equates to a heavily imperfect but enjoyable B-movie blockbuster.

#4 Crazy Rich Asians [A CRUSADE!!]

A stupidly loveable and highly enjoyable piece of cinema which is both culturally appropriate and narratively engaging despite its occasional slip into romcom cliches and flares of cheesiness.

#3 BlacKkKlansman [Lost Art]

A retrospective social commentary on the racial inequality of America’s past and saddening present with some equally heavy and hilarious material – performed suavely by a talented cast and solid returned-to-form direction from politically fuelled filmmaker, Spike Lee.

#2 Mirai [Lost Art]

An intimate and sentimental perspective on family and heritage with surreal animation and genius humour, amounting to a timeless and hauntingly nostalgic affair.

#1 Mission: Impossible – Fallout [Lost Art]

An intense, non-stop ride from start to finish, with spectacular set pieces flashing one after the other as Tom Cruise goes to extreme lengths to entertain, resulting in one of the greatest action films from recent memory.


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