REVIEW: Teen Titans Go! To the Movies

That awkward moment Robin’s team-up movie was better than Batman’s team-up movie… Justice League diss-track alert.

Hollywood’s new obsession for superhero films sends the goofy Teen Titans on an insane quest to show why they too deserve their own big screen adventure.

Based off Cartoon Network’s Teen Titans Go! T.V. series, Teen Titans Go! To the Movies is a loony, absurd, comically tuned and intelligently rendered spoof of the superhero genre. The movie may cater predominately to a child audience, but that is not to say Teen Titans Go! To the Movies packs some cool Easter eggs for comic book fans and intriguing commentaries on Hollywood that would make the main man, Deadpool, slightly jealous.

Now, I will be honest here, Teen Titans Go! To the Movies is certainly not my type of film. It is silly and obnoxious, loud and childish, zany and ludicrous, but… that is also what this film is meant to be. I have always said that there are two types of animation; one is dumb fun for kids and the other is highly intelligent and fascinating renderings of art. Teen Titans Go! To the Movies occupies a weird field in my established groupings of animation filmmaking. The movie may wear a façade of childish nonsense but beneath the surface does have some interesting things to say – despite the characters saying it all from out their butts.

Being a Cartoon Network adaptation, Teen Titans Go! To the Movies notably has a built in audience and therefore has to accommodate to said audience. The movie forcibly adheres to a style of heavily cartoony television animation that hardly boasts a cinematic edge. The comedy is mainly repetitive jokes about singing and dancing, potty humour and idiotic scenarios; yet whenever the film does lean into the more self-referential, ‘wink’ to the camera type meta comedy, Teen Titans Go! To the Movies really stands out as smart and witty in its jabs and disses to superhero cinema. And thankfully, the film predominately relies on its more satirical humour above all else.

(Paltridge 2018)

Casting Nic Cage as Superman, referencing Marvel in good natured competition and tearing down the idea that franchise brands now own Hollywood completely, Teen Titans Go! To the Movies traverses down some smartly built routes, despite continuously servicing the child fanbase. Honestly I have no problems with a movie wanting to lean into more childish humour and Teen Titans Go! To the Movies does so rather happily, but a lot of the movie’s musical elements and constant toddler level jokes and gags tears down the movie’s ability to be more cinematic or refreshing in its meta commentaries.

Still, this movie is highly enjoyable. It is exactly what it should be and surprisingly manages to be ever-so slightly more at times. Parents and adults in general may not buy into the general conceits and adventurous elements of Teen Titans Go! To the Movies but little kids and comic book nerds would 100% find something to relish in this movie. Will Arnett kills it yet again in the voice acting department as the bad boy Deathstr- ah, I mean, SLADE. The rest of the cast works and gives their characters all lively and charismatic appeal. Sure the twists can be seen coming from a mile away, but again, you’re not 4 years old – I’m sure you’re kid will be pleasantly shocked at the twists and turns and raw entertainment this movie has to offer.

So my recommendation: parents don’t bother with this one, but, if your teenage child loves superheroes and comic books and all that jazz I am sure you have no clue about, get them to take your youngest, and I am sure they will both have a good time.

I mean, its better than Justice League (but we all knew that wasn’t a hard feat).

Teen Titans Go! To the Movies is a bloody… CRUSADE!!

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