RANKED: September Releases of 2018 (Recap)

Mandy - Still 1
Courtesy of Sundance Institute. 

One of 2018’s most underwhelming months so far, September has definitely had its ups and downs. Whether a crazy Tommy Wiseau performance or an insane Nic Cage performance, the best of this month has mainly laid in the unexpected – in the indies and the obscure. Not the best month, but not the worst and instead literally a month that belongs in the ‘Kingdom of the Criminally Dull…’, here’s a quick look back at September 2018…

#12 The Nun [Theatre of DOOM]

A weakly executed spin-off to a far superior film series; reveling in the mundane and missing the mark on effective horror, amounting to a shallow narrative of cliches, despite its inherently terrifying central demonic presence.

#11 A Simple Favor [Theatre of DOOM]

A highly over-the-top, convoluted Gone Girl wannabe that follows no proper structure and instead tries to fake it, without ever really making it; resulting in a cheesy soap opera-type borefest that does not even seem to know what type of movie it wants to be.

#10 The Predator [Kingdom of the Criminally Dull…]

A slow burn into shallow lunacy; Shane Black’s newest effort may exhibit some trademark goodies from its director, cast and franchise pedigree, but is ultimately a messy, tiring and often offensive take on its famed concept with poor writing and shallow visual effects to boot.

#9 Johnny English Strikes Again [Kingdom of the Criminally Dull…]

A forgettable comedy that entertains for the time being and offers nothing but some good hearted laughs, but ultimately bores in its execution and leans on the more stale side rather than fresh.

#8 Christopher Robin [Kingdom of the Criminally Dull…]

A lifeless and uninspired take on the classic books that may very well accurately portray its cute little characters though fails to truly utilise any aspects of fun at its disposal.

#7 Night School [Kingdom of the Criminally Dull…]

A mediocre comedy with good intentions and an uplifting core, that sadly harbours humour for which rarely lands with the inclusion of terribly bloated sequences that makes the movie’s lengthy runtime felt in its entirety.

#6 Teen Titans Go! To the Movies [A CRUSADE!!]

A goofy though smartly satirical and meta cartoon that caters really well to its child audience and consequent comic book fanatics despite leaving a bit to be desired in the way of crowd pleasing cinematic execution for all ages.

#5 Smallfoot [A CRUSADE!!]

A surprisingly deep film on beliefs and faiths in a society, with some skilful animation on show, despite its weak voice cast and out-of-place musical sequences.

#4 The House with a Clock In its Walls [A CRUSADE!!]

A magical, oddball, adventure with some incredibly detailed steampunk-inspired production designs and two charming lead performances from Jack Black and Cate Blanchett, providing a safe foray into the fantasy and horror genres for younger audiences despite the basic storytelling and occasional weak links in its end product.

#3 Best F(r)iends [A CRUSADE!!]

An oddly satisfying exercise in amateur cult filmmaking for which exhibits technical flaws galore, whilst rarely managing to escape the shadow of cinema classic, The Room; yet, for the most half, the film plays exceptionally well to its strengths, allowing for a highly obscure Tommy Wiseau performance to take centre stage.

#2 Searching [A CRUSADE!!]

A riveting crime procedural which moves fluently between tense plot thickening sequences to raw emotional moments, albeit a somewhat substandard finale; yet, unique direction and a powerful performance from John Cho, allows for a long awaited breath of fresh air to be gifted to the cinematic Screen Life technique.

#1 Mandy [Lost Art]

An ultraviolent acid trip complete with hallucinatory visuals and a trippy score – super charged by an insane Nicolas Cage performance gifting audiences with a cinema experience unlike any other.

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