RANKED: January Releases of 2019 (Recap)

(DreamWorks 2019)

And so 2019 has begun. Although some films (*cough* Welcome to Marwen *cough*) were removed from the month’s slate (bugger), January has managed to survive with some really solid releases. Flying nanny’s, friendly dragons and clinically insane superheroes have plagued the big screen for a solid four weeks now as I’ve sat back and thought, “wow man, what else could this year possibly have in store for us”. Either way here’s a quick look back at the solid month which has come and past, so damn fast.

#7 Mary Poppins Returns [A CRUSADE!!]

An enchanted callback to the nostalgic affairs of Disney’s Golden Age; upholding the magical spirit of its predecessor despite it inability to execute or communicate something new as sequels should.

#6 Glass [A CRUSADE!!]

An extremely well-realised follow up to both Unbreakable and Split, from the vision of a revived M. Night Shyamalan, coercing audiences into a complex and expertly engineered mind game of solid filmmaking, despite the storytelling in turn faltering due to a crooked balancing of character.

#5 Ralph Breaks the Internet [A CRUSADE!!]

A worthy successor to its original that dabbles in creative and adventurous fantasies, analysing the ups and downs of friendship, despite never fully reaching its well-realised potential.

#4 Green Book [A CRUSADE!!]

An introspective, crowd-pleasing feature that strives through its buddy nature, wounded together terrifically by its well matched leads, Viggo Mortensen and Mahershala Ali; cruising through some overly simplistic thematics to achieve a serviceable endgame.

#3 Lu Over the Wall [A CRUSADE!!]

A visionary, musically-tuned, aquatic fairytale with kaleidoscope visuals that dabbles in characters and themes rather well, with some minor exceptions.

#2 How To Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World [A CRUSADE!!]

A highly satisfying conclusion to an ingenious trilogy that struggles in moments of structure and pacing but ultimately delivers a creative and sentimental focus on the virtues of friendship.

#1 Eighth Grade [Lost Art]

An intimately raw insight into coming-of-age, set against the common angst if technological modernity, delivered remarkably from auteur, Bo Burnham, and his leading actress, the talented Elsie Fisher.


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