RANKED: June Releases of 2019 (Recap)

(Pixar 2019)

The calendar year’s resident blockbuster month didn’t do much to… well… bust the block, if I’m being honest. With a couple of living, breathing toys and Earthly black suited protectors fighting intergalactic forces, I’d say we got, if anything, a rather conceptually repetitive month. But hey for all the awfulness of the X-Men’s last stand, I’d watch it all again and again for a cowboy and a spork dissecting the meaning of life – that’s true cinema. So, without further ado, here’s my ranking of the five cinema releases I managed to see in June 2019.

#5 X-Men: Dark Phoenix (Theatre of DOOM)

An anti-climatic final chapter to Marvel’s mutant step-sister franchise; plagued with an endless tonal drag, the movie leaves the once mighty X-Men on a sour endnote.

#4 Men In Black: International (Kingdom of the Criminally Dull…)

A visual depiction of a cool concept on a downward spiral; despite charm from Tessa Thompson and Chris Hemsworth, the movie neuralyzes its audience into forgetting its events almost instantaneously.

#3 Child’s Play (Kingdom of the Criminally Dull…)

A pretty by-the-numbers attempt at 80s shlock horror that slashes any attempt at nuance despite having some ounce of entertainment value.

#2 Yesterday (A CRUSADE!!)

A highly joyous and pleasing romcom with an inventive edge, that isn’t quite perfect, but manages to charm from beginning to end.

#1 Toy Story 4 (Lost Art)

A heartfelt and essential continuation to a sentimental saga; opening a new chapter, in unison, to film and life whilst exhibiting the age old charm of Pixar’s Golden Era.


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