A Thank You

I have been writing film reviews since December 2015 and lately, to be honest, I haven’t been enjoying it anymore.

The last four years have been really fun and have allowed me to view film I never would have bothered with. Truly, these write-ups have opened my eyes to a lot of fantastical cinema around us.

Reviewers of the Lost Art was meant to be a way for me to get into the trend of writing on a weekly basis for journalism. Currently though, I study journalism and have several positions on several media teams, so I am content with what I am doing at this moment. The page has served its purpose.

This does not mean I no longer enjoy film; it’s still a fascinating piece of art. However, the more films I review, the less I have come to realise films (and art in general) cannot be fairly judged. Thoughts and opinions always change; what’s bad to me is good to someone else. I don’t think film cannot be looked at and debated on a critical level, but I just feel reviews are, nowadays, a very narrow opinion of artistic output in general. Time changes all and that includes the movies.

To people who have read my reviews over the last four years, thank you. I appreciate your support.

So, the way I means to end this all is how I originally planned – with a Star Wars movie. I started this whole page with Star Wars: The Force Awakens and plan to end with Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker, this week. I also have a review I never released for Knives Out, so I will also get around to that before I pack this thing up.

Again, thank you for reading. This also does not mean I will never write reviews again or reuse this page; think of this more as a hiatus. The only permanent thing in this world is impermanence (Thor taught me that). Expect reviews for Knives Out and The Rise of Skywalker this week. And have a Merry Christmas!


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