REVIEW: Spider-Man: Far From Home (Spoiler Free)

Marvel flavoured Donnie Darko. Whilst on a two-week European summer field trip with his classmates, Peter Parker is recruited by Nick Fury to confront interdimensional elemental monsters, alongside a mysterious ally known primarily as Mr. Beck. Months after the cataclysmic concluding chapter to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Avengers: Endgame, it would seem Sony thought it to … Continue reading REVIEW: Spider-Man: Far From Home (Spoiler Free)


RANKED: June Releases of 2019 (Recap)

The calendar year's resident blockbuster month didn't do much to... well... bust the block, if I'm being honest. With a couple of living, breathing toys and Earthly black suited protectors fighting intergalactic forces, I'd say we got, if anything, a rather conceptually repetitive month. But hey for all the awfulness of the X-Men's last stand, … Continue reading RANKED: June Releases of 2019 (Recap)

REVIEW: Child’s Play (Spoiler Free)

Chucky would 100% make Woody reach for the sky. The 13-year-old Andy, along with his family and friends, are terrorised by a high-tech doll that becomes self-aware after it rejects its programming. Another year, another horror reboot. Bringing back the cheesy 80s slasher gorefest, 2019's Child's Play operated exactly as you would expect: a perfectly fine … Continue reading REVIEW: Child’s Play (Spoiler Free)

REVIEW: Men In Black: International (Spoiler Free)

Hey Hollywood, couldn't you just have thrown some money at Marvel to make a Secret Invasion adaptation starring Thor and Valkyrie? Its basically the same thing. Tasked to serve and protect the Earth from within the shadows, the Men in Black face the shape-shifting intergalactic force, the Hive, leading Agents H and M on a … Continue reading REVIEW: Men In Black: International (Spoiler Free)