So you know whenever you take a person on a tour of your house and you get to the toilet – ‘this’ is that part. And no, that does not mean my reviews are poo. What I am more-or-less referring to is the fact this page is based around reviews for the majority of the time, so its almost like this brief introduction for the ‘Review’ corner of my site is self-explanatory. Its the part of the page I am assuming most people will be wanting to find so they can keep up to date. So similar to a tour of your house and taking your guest to the toilet, this part of my tour is self-explanatory and does not need an explanation, but it is also highly important and will be the corner of my site guests will want to know about… wow, I am good with metaphors… by the way, I was being sarcastic.

Here you will find critiques of new releases and old school films. Of course I will have reviews for the new section each week, but I will try and keep filling my collection of more classic film reviews. Enjoy.