Think Pieces & Pitches

Reviewing films are fun, but sometimes you want to explore different ways to discuss movies…

Here, in this space, I would like a chance to analyze and restructure films both big and small. This is sacred ground to get educational and creative with my two categories: ‘Thinking Out Loud’ and ‘Quit Your Pitchin”. In the former, I attend to take films that fascinate me such as 1970s classics or “so bad they’re good movies” or simply my favourites; with these I tend to break them down into their simplest forms, dissect them and learn why they are as fascinating as they are. In the latter, meanwhile, prepare for me spit-balling various ideas and opinions on how I would restructure or reinvent certain films which may have either failed, never received a sequel or are in desperate need of reboot.

These two categories are my chance to really show how I truly feel about certain films; how I respect them or just want them to be bigger and better. So enjoy me getting real nerdy and investigating the smallest of details throughout all types of movies, new and old.