Top 8’s & Rankings

Is it a natural urge for humans, like eating, sleeping and such, just to enjoy listing stuff? Because it sure is an urge for me!

Sometimes the most efficient way to talk about quality in not just film, but in all mediums, it shall be in this corner of the page I will list and rank the best and the worst in cinema. Why Top 8’s and not Top 10’s? There is not much of a reason, if I am being frank. 8 has always been a smaller and tighter number I like to contain certain bits and pieces in, and also, every does 10 – I think Watchmojo has tainted that number by now. And with rankings, well, that field is rather self-explanatory; I will just choose a film series, genre, a group of directors, so on and so forth, and then just proceed to rank them beyond my sacred 8 number.

I hope whatever appears in this section of the blog won’t cause heavy controversy since a lot of it will just be my opinion, but you are entitled to yours as well, so I do hope healthy debate can arise!